Create a new guide

This guide shows how to create a new guide using WP Docs Pro. Guide assumes you have already download/installed and activated your copy of WP Docs Pro.


Start a new guide

Click the "Add New" button on the left side panel of the WordPress admin section.



Add introduction information

If you want to outline objectives or introductions for your guide, do it in the editor pictured below.

You can add images here by clicking the Add Media button.


Add steps for your guide in the step-by-step builder

The first step field is available for you to add a title "Step Label Text" and "body" section.

The Note section is optional if you want to add additional information about a step.


Adding images

You can insert images by clicking the "Add Media" button.


Publish your guide

When you are done, click the "Update" button in the right sidebar or bottom of the step.



Step-by-Step Builder


End of guide

Your guide should now available at the following url[guide title]