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Our plugin takes the hassle out of creating and managing an informational system.

Add Rich Meta

Enhance your content by adding a wide array of meta tags directly to the body area of your documentation. Links, bolded and italicized text become simple to create and edit.

Multiple Screens

In today's technology-driven society, transparency across popular devices is crucial. WP Docs allows you to optimize your documentation across tablets, mobile devices and more.

Industry Leading Features

The WP Docs app offers several unprecedented cutting edge features and acts as your all-in-one plugin for effortlessly creating functional, custom technical documentation.

Multi-site Support

This versatile plugin supports multiple sites when you utilize our Business and Agency packages, allowing you to share information and expand your reach across several sites.

Store Images

Manage images through this plugin with ease by taking advantage of the native WordPress image feature. Upload high-quality images to your documentation and store them for future use.

Adjust Layout Style

Choose from a wide variety of layouts that help depict your organization and brand. With WP Docs, the freedom to determine how your documentation will look and operate is entirely yours.

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The WP Docs Advantage


As a WordPress plugin, WP Docs accrues all the benefits of the intuitive design that WordPress has mastered. WordPress' powerful tools, both SEO and mobile-friendly, strike the perfect balance between customization and simplicity. WP Docs harnesses this balance and optimizes it for knowledge bases. By adapting this familiar content management system, WP Docs avoids the steep learning curve users face when working with unwieldy software like Mad Cap's "Flare," Desk's "Self Service," and Help Scout's "Docs."


WP Docs offers a rich toolbox of features for uploading technical documents with the end-user in mind, all in an attractive design. Its style aspires to simplicity, utility, and beauty, all of which are illustrated in appealing table of contents and index pages. WP Docs gives you the option of constructing a natural vertical front-end layout while also taking full advantage of today's landscape screens. As a help authoring tool, WP Docs is unrivaled in its ability to enhance knowledge base usability and approachableness.


While bloated help authoring tools drain customers' accounts monthly and burden users with unnecessary features, WP Docs perfects the knowledge base hub, all at reasonable one-time rates. Simply download and install the plugin, pay a nominal price up-front, and build your cloud-based library of technical documents with ease.

WordPress is an excellent tool for creating a knowledge base

"People often make the mistake of classifying WordPress as just a blogging platform. Although that used to be true in the past, WordPress has evolved through out the years into a versatile content management system (CMS)." ~ www.wpbeginner.com

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