We’re living in an incredible world of abundant technology that facilitates instant gratification. Email can be read mere seconds after it’s been sent, and a new album can be listened to with the click of a button.

While some might say this is a negative thing, we see it simply as change that must be embraced in order to thrive. When you create technical products without providing appropriate documentation to accompany them, you’re sorely missing the mark in terms of today’s need for instant gratification.

We’ve got four reasons we think you should take that first step down the road to helpful documentation.

1. An Exceptional User Experience

When today’s customers purchase a product, they want the least amount of friction between the buying of that product and putting it to use. One of the easiest ways to frustrate a customer is to provide them a product with no instructions telling them how to use it. Thorough online documentation is the simplest way to reduce that friction.

2. Automatic Marketing Content

The simple act of providing your customers with useful and relevant documentation can raise your chances of being seen. Google indexes good content, and is partial to technical and educational documentation. Not only that, but the content created for your website can easily be adapted for paper marketing materials.

3. Customer Education

An online product that does not provide thorough (or any) documentation is missing an opportunity to educate those who come across your product unexpectedly through sources such as Google Search. By providing useful content, you have the chance to educate and purely convert an otherwise non-potential customer through your knowledge base.

4. Create Self-sufficient Customers

Another (if not the most) important reason to create high-quality product documentation is that it provides self-help opportunities for your customers. This means that, since they can use your documentation for troubleshooting, customers won’t need to reach out to you via email, social media, chat, or phone when an issue crops up. This will help reduce the number of support requests coming into your business, and can save you from $.11 to $50 per instance, depending on the nature of the request. Keeping you and your team focused more on the product and less on helping people use the product will ultimately result in higher efficiency and more money for your business.


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Documentation made easy

While the task of creating documentation for your product can be daunting, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. How much time do you want to spend helping your customers complete simple, everyday product functions? That amount of time will be far more daunting than the few hours needed to create product documentation that satisfies customers and makes your process more efficient.


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