With technology constantly evolving at an ever-increasing pace, the need for documentation is only growing larger and larger. The more programs that crop up, the more users there are who are going to feel left behind and needing direction.

Luckily, you’re a savvy businessperson, right? You know how important it is to have satisfied customers and as much work time as possible. Luckily, all you need to do is spend some time and focus creating solid knowledge base documentation, and you’ll be off to a good start with your new program or product.

Just to give you a taste of how documentation can aid users in this time of growing technology, we’d like to share a few instances that are developing a common need for documentation.

SaaS/Cloud Applications

An increasingly popular form of software is the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This model focuses on software that resides in the cloud, rather than being installed directly onto a desktop, which is how software primarily was acquired in the past. Because these programs are accessed using a web browser or mobile device, they tend to provide a learning curve, which can be nicely straightened out with effective documentation.

Spreadsheet Programs

Programs that let you create a knowledge base using a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs Sheets can be deceptively simple. While, yes, it’s a simple task to change font size and create cells, the software can become confusing when you start working with scripting, macros, and formula creation. Creating documentation for these kinds of programs can change them from “seemingly simple” to “actually simple.”

Website Development

Brilliant code can make a brilliant website… if you know how to run the software you’re using to build it. With having to deal with frequently-released updates and complicated code, it’s an absolute must to create documentation for your web development software. Customer support for web development has the potential to commandeer hours of precious work time, so why not remove the problem before it starts by creating some helpful documentation?

Operating Systems

The world of operating systems used to be lorded over by the entity we all know as Microsoft Windows. Over the past five years, however, the strength of that reign has been significantly lessened by OS’ like iOS (responsible for Apple devices: iPhones, iPads, watches, TVs etc…) and Android. Any OS, however, is extremely complex, and practically demands accompanying support documentation.

Application Building Programs

App development software is in high demand these days, because apps themselves have become woven into the fabric of business and daily life. Small business owners who would like to build an app for themselves rely heavily on these important (and often-complicated) programs. You can set your software apart from the masses by providing helpful documentation from the get-go.


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