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So, you’ve built an incredible software program, right? You’re positive it’s going to change lives, or, at the very least, make lives easier. Surely your mind is moving toward marketing and getting this program into the hands of your targeted audience… but what happens after it actually reaches those hands? Are the customers going to be able to use your program effectively?

The answer to this problem, of course, is to create an online user’s manual. By providing a document that…


knowledge base

Ever noticed how many software products exist on the internet that do not have documentation or a knowledge base helping you learn how to use it? A lot of times a knowledge base will not exist and if it does, it contains outdated information. Some times this is because, as the person responsible for managing the documentation you are just not sure where to start.
Getting Started
One of the biggest challenges when getting started with online documentation is knowing what to write about. What…


documentation draw attention

Move your mouse here, move your mouse there, hover here, click there, it’s the blue button, it’s the dropdown, did you follow the documentation? Does any of this sound familiar when you are talking to your customers, friend or family member that you are trying to help use a technical product online be it Facebook or online banking?

If you answered yes, then there is a tool that can help make those conversations a whole lot easier for you. That tool is called Draw Attention and it is…


documentation - wpdocs

We’re living in an incredible world of abundant technology that facilitates instant gratification. Email can be read mere seconds after it’s been sent, and a new album can be listened to with the click of a button.

While some might say this is a negative thing, we see it simply as change that must be embraced in order to thrive. When you create technical products without providing appropriate documentation to accompany them, you’re sorely missing the mark in terms of today’s need for…


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

No, but we offer a 14-day money back no questions asked guarantee.

What if I need help, do you offer support?

Yes! We provide both self help documentation with our knowledge base and email support.

Will this work with my theme?

Yes. This product is designed to work with any theme.

Does this product have a monthly subscription fee?

No, our product only requires a one-time payment. See our pricing.

How does wpDocs differ from other WordPress knowledge base tools?

We are a real company with real humans. We are always available for support to help you in a timely professional manner.

What is the learning curve?

Well, if you can use WordPress, then you can use wpDocs.

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