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5 Instances Where Documentation Saves the Day

With technology constantly evolving at an ever-increasing pace, the need for documentation is only growing larger and larger. The more programs that crop up, the more users there are who are going to feel left behind and needing direction. Luckily, you’re a savvy businessperson, right? You know how important it is to have satisfied customers…

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6 Different Ways to Use a Knowledge Base

A phrase that gets used frequently on our blog is “knowledge base.” It sounds nice and official, and gives off an air of high-tech importance, but it’s actually a very functional and basic concept. A knowledge base, at its core, is simply a place to store information that can be easily accessed later on. The…

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Reinforce Your Software Product with Strong Documentation

As an enterprise software builder, you recognize the importance of product understanding. Strong Documentation You’ve put hours upon hours into the development of your software and have finally created a product that you’re proud of. You’ve dealt with marketing, and now people are going to start purchasing and using your software. Not just single people,…

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How to know what documentation to add to a knowledge base

Ever noticed how many software products exist on the internet that do not have documentation or a knowledge base helping you learn how to use it? A lot of times a knowledge base will not exist and if it does, it contains outdated information. Some times this is because, as the person responsible for managing…

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4 Reasons You Need to Provide Online Documentation

We’re living in an incredible world of abundant technology that facilitates instant gratification. Email can be read mere seconds after it’s been sent, and a new album can be listened to with the click of a button. While some might say this is a negative thing, we see it simply as change that must be…

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